Secure Energy Asset Management

Secure Energy offers all aspects of asset management, including monitoring, operational support and maintenance options for all commercial systems. Energy systems are monitored in real-time using our in-house developed web-based portal which allows us to view live data to monitor and optimise system performance.

Wireless Access from Anywhere

We can monitor your assets remotely, as data generates automatic alerts via SMS and email to both the client and our support team. In addition, we operate a 24/7 call centre for all service enquiries for our managed sites.

We can deploy all systems with a Standardised 3G connection, satellite and radio links to allow you and us to reach even the most remote sites across the globe. 

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Remote Management & Benefits

See how remote management of your energy systems can benefit from through cost/time savings.

 Our vast portfolio, demonstrating capabilities, experience and expertise in the operation and maintenance of renewable energy systems via remote asset management.

Get in touch our skilled workforce and get on board with renewables, remotely.