Secure Energy Solar Management

Secure Energy is a leader in the operation and maintenance of commercial and utility-scale solar PV systems on a megawatt scale.

Commercial Solar PV Management

We are the leader in the operation and maintenance of commercial-scale solar PV systems, ultimately avoiding disruption in the energy sector.

This experience has been developed through our teams experience in electrical power systems and passion for renewable energy. Our Operation and Maintenance team have a combined 200+ years experience. We manage systems across Australia for businesses looking to offset spiralling grid energy costs.

Utility Solar Management

Secure Energy is an operator and maintainer of utility-scale solar power stations.

To maintain the financial case for utility scale solar installations it’s critical that production isn’t hindered by system downtime. Panels, trackers, inverters, switchgear and associated wiring requires monitoring and regular maintenance to preserve warranties and maximise revenue.

With over 5 MW of solar under management, Secure Energy uses state of the art monitoring technology and experienced operators to ensure faults are understood and addressed promptly and correctly.

Solar Water Pumping Management

We can deliver remote monitoring, telemetry, control and automation to ensure reliable operation of pumping systems with minimal maintenance requirements. Our solar water pumps can be integrated with diesel and/or batteries to provide 24/7 pumping depending on project requirements.

Secure Energy’s solar water pumps provide outstanding water delivery in the most remote areas of Australia. Solar water pumps can be deployed into established or new agricultural, mining, dewatering, pivot irrigation and utility water supply projects.


Solar Water Pumping | Technical Specs

Secure Energy’s solutions for water pumping can supply existing three-phase submersible bore pumps, or any off-the-shelf pump.

We use tier one solar PV modules of both thin film and polycrystalline type. All modules come with a 25-year performance warranty. We select modules with the minimum temperature derate, for maximum output in the harshest temperatures of Australia.

Our deployed systems allow for integration of PLC control, telemetry, PID control against flow rates, or any pump specific control strategy you require.

Our solar PV pumping controller removes the need for a “DC Pump” allowing use of your existing three-phase pump, or any new off-the-shelf pump. We can provide submersibles, surface or transfer pumps.

Dimensions & Designs

We provide quality parts in a clever design.

Our solar PV is provided on rapid deploy ground mount frames, in 1kW, 2kW or 5kW blocks. All control hardware is pre-mounted on a plate for simple attachment on-site.

  1. High performance “Tier 1″ solar PV
  2. Industrial-grade Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
  3. High quality 3P submersible pumps (Grundos/Lowara/Danfos)
  4. Wireless system monitoring via 3G, satellite or radio

Optional Add-ons

  • Diesel Generator for back-up/make-up
  • Battery storage backup
solar water pump designs